Founder's Story: 10 Years On From A Cancer Diagnosis

Sharing our Founder's story as a cancer survivor, 10 years on from diagnosis!

We hope it inspires you to live empowered.

This week marks 10 years on from a cancer diagnosis for me.
Almost an entire decade of treatment and recovery. 

“Cancer sufferer… recurrence… tumour growth… cancer returns… terminal… cancer spreads…”

Much of the language surrounding cancer is fear-mongering and full of pity.

Following my diagnosis, I was really resistant to join any form of support group.
I somehow thought that being surrounded by others who were undergoing treatment or had been where I was, talking about it and sharing stories would intensify the growth and spread of the cancer.
I didn’t want it to define me and I certainly wasn’t after sympathy or any kind of special treatment.

Mid-way through chemotherapy in 2012, I met another volunteer at a breast cancer charity event who had been all-clear for 10 years. I couldn’t believe it! I’d never heard a positive survival story of someone making it so far past their initial diagnosis. 

Long story but I’d volunteered for this particular charity several times before so this opportunity came up in a form that didn’t shout “SUPPORT GROUP” to me but opened the door to exactly what I needed without me realising it at the time. 
Genuine understanding and compassion from others who knew exactly how I was feeling.

During that year of life-changing treatment I learnt to ask for help. 
To say no when I needed to. 
To say yes when I wanted to. 
To trust complete strangers. 
To be bold in my decisions. 
To accept love and kindness from those who offered it. 
To let go of the people who were not coming along for the ride. 
To know what it means to truly live in the moment and be grateful for it.
And perhaps most importantly, to hold such strong self-belief that no one else’s opinion mattered.

Great things can come from intense pressure and difficult times. 
Whilst I certainly won’t forget the physical and emotional impact a cancer diagnosis has had on my life, I’m grateful for the lessons it’s taught me.

- Founder of MINT, Dee Momi